Last Night I Sang to the Monster

The Pages just flew by.

I can’t remember reading a better book.

Once I started reading I couldn’t stay away.


Last Night I Sang to the Monster

Benjamin Alire Saenz

Cinco Puntos Press



      I highly recommend Last Night I Sang to the Monster to anyone who reads with a philosophical approach. It is honestly one of the best books I have ever read. The pages just fly by and I didn’t want the book to stop. I encourage anyone who cares about what they’re reading to read this book.


     Zach is from Texas. He gets good grades and is very quite. He does drugs with his friends but what he really abuses is alcohol. He finds himself in rehab and he doesn’t remember how he got there. Zach becomes very fond of his cabin mates Sharkey and especially Rafael. He tries to forget because it hurts too bad to remember. Everyone wants to help Zach but he has to want to help himself.  Will he? 

Fiction-Substance Abuse-Rehab-Emotional

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